April 12, 2005 – Eduardo Mendieta: “Biopiracy & Bioterrorism: Banana Republics, NAFTA & Taco Bell”

Tuesday, April 12 / 3 PM / Baobab Lounge, Merrill College

The year 2004 marks the tenth anniversary of NAFTA, the third year after 9-11, and the third year after the beginning of the war against terrorism. Mendieta links these anniversaries and offers some points of departure to link the war on terror with the other wars that the United States has unleashed on other countries. Mendieta writes, “Bio-terrorism, like the terrorism of 9-11, takes elements from everyday life, from quotidian existence, and turns them into tools of destruction and devastation. …But unlike the terrorism of 9-11, the effects and after-effects of the bioterrorism and biopiracy of NAFTA are passed off as events in a natural history of destruction.”

Sponsored by the Latina/o Americans in a Global Perspective Research Cluster