April 14, 2000 – Prasenjit Duara: “Civilizational Discourse in the Twentieth Century”

Friday, April 14 | 4 PM | Oakes Mural Room

Prasenjit Duara is one of the most innovative China historians working in the United States today, especially noted for his work on the national framing of history and the suppressions this framing entails. He is the author of Culture, Power, and the State: Rural Society in North China, 1900-1942 (Stanford, 1988); Rescuing History from the Nation: Questioning Narratives of Modern China(Chicago, 1995), and “Why is History Anti-Theoretical?”, Modern China (April 1998). His current project is a transnational history centered on northeast Asia, tentatively entitled “Frontiers of the East Asian Modern: Sovereignty, Authenticity, and Manchukuo.” This seminar is part of the Center’s ongoing program in Civilizational Thinking, funded by the Ford Foundation. The seminar paper will be circulated in advance to regular participants; others interested in attending should contact cult@hum.ucsc.edu for a copy.