April 19/May 4, 2001 – Visual and Performance Studies Speaker Series: Performing the Image

John Lechte (Senior Lecturer, Sociology, Macquarie University) 
The Time-Image and Seduction
Thursday, April 19 | Social Sciences II, Room 265 | 4:00PM


Professor Lechte has published numerous articles and books on Julia Kristeva, psychoanalysis and culture, and Australian history. His books include:  Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers: From Semiotics to Postmodernism (1994); After the Revolution: On Kristeva (1998). Presently, he completing a book called On the Imaginary: Its Life and Death. His paper will examine the time image in light of Deleuze’s work.

Peggy Phelan (Performance Studies, Tisch School, New York University) 
The Photography of Francesca Woodman: Death and the Image One More Time
Friday, May 4 | Kresge 159 | 4:00PM


Professor Phelan works at the intersection of performance, visuality and gender. Her books include Unmarked: The Politics of Performance (1993) and Mourning Sex: Performing Public Memories (1996). She has co-edited two collections: Acting Out: Feminist Performances and The Ends of Performance(1998). Phelan is writing a book entitled:  Death in America: Ronald Reagan and Andy Warhol. She is currently a Visiting Professor at Stanford University.