February 1, 2006 – Performances and Visiting Artist Talks with Jamie McMurray, Rose Hill and Dillon Paul

Wednesday, February 1 / 3PM-7PM / Oakes Learning Center

Rose Hill is a Seattle-based performance artist who creates site-specific, time-based, and durational pieces for festivals, galleries, and alternative performance spaces. She has performed in Massachusetts, New York, Washington, and California, as well as in New Zealand, Poland, and Chile. Upcoming festivals include the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland, and the Spingfluten Performance Festival in Germany, both in 2006.

Jamie McMurry has been creating and presenting original works of performance art for more than 10 years. He co-founded and directed the Rite! Performance Art Troupe (Seattle) and Powderkeg Contemporary Performance (Seattle and Los Angeles) from 1992-1997 and then continued with solo works. McMurry has also organized and produced major regional and international performance art exhibitions in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Boston, including the world-renowned Full Nelson Festival, which celebrated its fifth installment in April of 2003. His works often include intensely visceral activities and a densely packed series of actions referencing the pacing and behavior of young children at confused and often mischievous play.

Dillon Paul is a media and performance artist currently residing in the Bay Area. Her work has been exhibited and performed nationally and internationally at venues including the ODC Theatre, San Francisco, CA; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; the Cleveland Performance Art Festival; Plan B, Tokyo, Japan; and the Kwangju Biennale, Kwangju, Korea. In addition to creating her own work, Paul has danced in the companies of Min Tanaka in Japan, Bennett Dance Company in Boston, and Neta Pulvermacher & Dancers in New York City. She has taught video and performance art in the Department of Art Practice at UC Berkeley, as well as at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Sponsored by the Visual Studies Research Cluster