June 4, 2008 – Carla Freccero & Donna Haraway: “When Species Meet and Merge: Explorations in Material Figures of Human Canine Becomings”

Wednesday, June 4 / 4 –- 6 PM / Humanities 202

Carla Freccero is Professor of Literature, Feminist Studies, and History of Consciousness and Director of the Center for Cultural Studies at UC Santa Cruz. Her most recent book is Queer/Early/Modern (Duke 2006). This work is the first installment of a short book on the subject of cynanthropic/anthrocynic hybridities.

Donna Haraway has been a member of the History of Consciousness Department since 1980. Her teaching and research explore the knot tied by the inter- and intra-actions of feminist theory, science studies, and animal studies. Her most recent book, When Species Meet (Minnesota, 2008), is an example of the recent explosion of trans-disciplinary animal studies, which take seriously diverse, historically situated, in-the-flesh relatings of human beings and other animals.

Download Readings

Freccero, “Figural Historiography: Dogs, Humans, and Cynanthropic Becomings” (ms)

Haraway, When Species Meet, Chapter 1

Haraway, When Species Meet, Chapter 4

Haraway, When Species Meet, Notes