May 12-13, 2001 – “The Twentieth Century as World History”

Saturday, May 12, 8:30 am-5:00 pm & Sunday, May 13, 8:30 am-12:00 pm
Stevenson Fireside Lounge

Participants include: Daniel Brower (History, UCD), David Chrisitan (History, SDSU), James Gelvin (History, UCLA) and Jose Moya (History, UCLA)

This event is one of two yearly research conferences sponsored by the World History Workshop, a UC Multicampus Research Group. The Workshop seeks to uncover modernity’s roots both as outcomes of long-term world historical processes and as the cumulative interaction of European and non-European elites and peoples. In doing so it also hopes to further the development of world history as an emerging research area both within the field of history as well as an arena of interdisciplinary inquiry at the intersection of the humanities and social sciences. It draws together faculty and resources from all eight UC campuses (Irvine, Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and San Diego). The MRG is based at UC Irvine, and is headed by Kenneth Pomeranz. The steering committee consists of Edmund Burke, III (UCSC), Rebecca Emigh (UCLA), John Hall (UCD), Randy Head (UCR) and John Marino (UCSD).