May 21, 2002 – E. San Juan Jr. : “Revisiting the Race/Class Dialectic: In the Wake of September 11”

Tuesday, May 21 | Oakes Mural Room | 4:00 pm

E. San Juan Jr. is a cultural critic and a renowned scholar in the fields of Filipino and Asian American studies. He has published widely on cultural politics in the Philippines, Marxist theory, Filipino and Filipino-American literature, and postcolonial theory. He has been a Fellow of the Center for the Humanities and Visiting Professor of English at Wesleyan University, and Director of the Philippines Cultural Studies Center. He was also the chair of the Department of Comparative American Cultures at Washington State University, and Professor of Ethnic Studies at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. He received the 1999 Centennial Award for Literature from the Philippines Cultural Center. He is the author of Beyond Postcolonial Theory (St. Martin’s Press, 2000), From Exile to Diaspora (Westview Press, 1998), and After Post-colonialism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2000). His book Racial Formations/ Critical Transformations (Humanities Press, 1992) received the Distinguished Book Awards from the Association for Asian American Studies
and the Gustavus Myers Human Rights Center, Boston University. With a focus on racism and cultural studies, he will talk about the
impact of the Septmeber 11th events on the race/class dialectic.

Sponsored by Asia-Pacific-America Research Cluster, the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Current Events, the Institute for Humanities Research, and the History of Consciousness Department. Asia-Pacific-America Research Cluster contact: Chih-ming Wang,