November 15, 2007 – Pornography Production, Distribution & Markets

Thursday, November 15 / 4 PM / Humanities 210

Cullum Ogg, Manager at Frenchy’s (local pornography retailer)
Chelsea Iwamoto, Sales Manager at Camouflage (local pornography retailer)
Ross Sublett, Former Long-term Employee (in product update management) at a major Internet pornography company

The Feminism and Pornography Research Cluster—a group formed to develop feminist understandings and critiques of the pornography industry—will present its first panel event in Fall 2007. This event invites cluster participants and other interested members of the UCSC community and the public to investigate emerging production and consumption patterns in the contemporary “adult” industry, including locally retailed pornographic films and magazines as well as nationally marketed hardcore Internet pornography. Panelists include representatives from local pornography (and pornography-related) retail shops, from “high-end”/specialty retail markets to inexpensive rental markets for mainstream, alternative, and fetishistic pornographies. Online (streaming) videos of hardcore pornography—an increasingly large and important sector of the pornography industry—will also be a topic of discussion. Each of the speakers will field questions related to supply and demand trends over time, changes in prevalent content/themes, the rise and fall of specific niche markets, clientele demographics, and the changing profitability of pornography sales and distribution. Additionally, we hope to learn about the connections and relationships among pornography distributors, producers, and performers, and the relative size and scope of companies marketing pornography locally. This panel session will introduce us to the structural characteristics of—and relationships among—selected pornography production and distribution companies.

In preparation for this event, we will make readings on pornography production, distribution, and markets available for cluster participants and other interested members of the UCSC community or the public.

Please contact Natalie Purcell at: for more event information.

Sponsored by the Feminism and Pornography Research Cluster