October 18, 2001 – Luisa Passerini: “Problematizing European Identity: Discourses”

Thursday, October 18 | Cowell Conference Room | 4:00 PM

Luisa Passerini’s work on cultural identity and self-representations has transformed the use of oral narratives in the writing of history. She is the author of Europe in Love, Love in Europe: Imagination and Politics Between the Wars (NYU Press, 2001), Autobiography of a Generation: Italy, 1968 (University Press of New England, 1966), and Fascism in Popular Memory: The Cultural Experience of the Turin Working Class (Cambridge, 1987). Her edited and co-edited works include Gender and Memory (Oxford, 1996) and Memory and Totalitarianism (Oxford, 1992). Passerini is Director of the Gender Studies Program and Professor of Twentieth-Century History at European University in Florence (Fiesole), Italy. In Fall 2001 she holds the Chair of Italian Culture in the Department of Italian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. This talk, drawn from her comparative research on France, Britain, and Italy in the1930s, takes a critical look at Eurocentric notions of passion and the emotions.


Sponsored by the Center for Cultural Studies and the Departments of History and Literature.