October 18, 2004 – Paul Julian Smith: “The “Movida” Relocated: Press, Chronicle, Novel in Post Franco Spain”

Monday, October 18 / 1:30 PM / Merrill College, Baobab Lounge

This paper examines “la Movida,” the 1980s cultural explosion in Madrid that included filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. Focusing on new trends in urban geography, the paper treats the quintessential “Movida” magazine La Luna, an oral history of the movement, a nostalgic novel by Luis Antonio de Villena, and a little-known gay comic.

Paul Julian Smith is Professor of Spanish at the University of Cambridge. His books include Amores Perros (BFI, 2003), Contemporary Spanish Culture: TV, Fashion, Art, And Film (Blackwell, 2003), The Moderns: Time, Space, And Subjectivity in Contemporary Spanish Culture (Oxford, 2000), and Laws Of Desire: Questions Of Homosexuality In Spanish Writing And Film, 1960-1990 (Oxford, 1992).

Sponsored by the Latina/o Americans in a Global Perspective Research Cluster