October 28, 2005 – Corporate Commands/In Network: Artist talks with iKatun & Michael Mandiberg

Friday, October 28 / 5 PM / Oakes Learning Center

In several Balkan languages, “katun” means “temporary village,” and designates seasonal communities that form near bodies of water in the warm weather. iKatun’s projects take the form of katuns: temporary convergences of people, institutions, and materials in a particular space. iKatun is a collective of researchers, artists, and technologists who create installations, interventions, research materials, and software in physical space and cyberspace. iKatun projects explore issues surrounding information, power, and social exchange, particularly as they relate to public discourse, urban play, and political action.

Michael Mandiberg is a new media artist who uses the Internet, video, and performance to explore subjectivity, labor, and commerce. His recent projects include IN Network with Julia Steinmetz, Bush Poll (BushPoll.com), and The Exchange Program, a collaborative performance in which four sets of two people switched lives for 11 days. He is also the creator of Shop Mandiberg, where he put all of his possessions up for sale. His work is shown and written about internationally and online.

Sponsored by the Visual Studies Research Cluster