October 7, 2005 – Madhavi Menon: “Unhistoricism, or Homo-History”

Friday, October 7 / 3 PM-5:30 PM / Oakes Mural Room

Madhavi Menon is Assistant Professor of Literature at American University. Her book, Wanton Words: Rhetoric and Sexuality in English Renaissance Drama (Toronto, 2004), explores rhetoric as a mode of reading the past and its desires. Her readings of the erotics of rhetorical tropes help extend rhetorical analysis into new areas such as race and colonialism. Her forthcoming essay, “Spurning Teleology in Venus and Adonis” (GLQ 11.4, Fall 2005), demonstrates a queer approach to questions of temporality and literary form. Her current book project, “Unhistorical Shakespeare: Towards a Different History of Sexuality,” interrogates the theoretical parameters within which we study sexuality, and questions historicism, particularly its attendant foci on sameness and difference, as a mode of queer inquiry.

Advance reading for the seminar is available on ERES (instructor: Freccero; password: prosem). For further information, please contact Maria Frangos at mef@ucsc.edu.

Co-sponsored by the Queer Theory Research Cluster and the Pre- and Early Modern Studies Research Unit