Research Clusters

Research clusters are groups of faculty or faculty and graduate students pursuing a collaborative research effort. Clusters are encouraged to share elements their work with the larger community, and to work toward the production of a tangible scholarly event such as a workshop, conference, speaker series, or publication. Most of the clusters include reading groups.

Past Research Clusters

Resident Scholars Program

The Resident Scholars program offers scholars from other campuses and universities an opportunity to come to Santa Cruz for a period of up to a full academic year.



Inscriptions is the Center for Cultural Studies journal. Click on the volume number below to view a table of contents for that issue.

Volume 3/4
Feminism and the Critique of Colonial Discourse (1988)

Volume 5
Traveling Theories, Traveling Theorists (1989)

Volume 6
Orientalism and Cultural Differences (1992)

Volume 7
Enunciating Our Terms: Women of Color in Collaboration and Conflict (1994)