Michael Dorsey is an assistant professor in Dartmouth College’s Environmental Studies Program. He is also a researcher at the Instituto de Estudios Ecologistas del Tercer Mundo (Quito, Ecuador). His research focuses on how transnational institutions and civil society actors foment and execute environment and development governance. He has held visiting positions at the The Royal University of Groningen, The Netherlands; the Department of Regional Planning at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; and the University of Witswaterstrand (South Africa). At the Center for Cultural Studies he will complete a manuscript-length volume on transnational efforts to commercialize biological diversity.

Christian Frankel is Associate Professor of Organizing and Communication at Copenhagen Business School. His research has focused on transnational making of markets. How do firms take part in making the markets on which they compete? And does globalization open up new forms of such market making? He has studied the history of the toy producer LEGO, analyzing how the firm becomes a political actor in a new way as a result of the aim to make quality products and to establish quality criteria in a society in flux. Another focal point in his research is the temporality of organizing.

Colin Koopman has been a Humanities Research Fellow in the Philosophy Department at UCSC for the past two years, during which time he organized the “Foucault Across the Disciplines” conference in March of 2008 and the (ongoing) Foucault Research Cluster. His research focuses on two projects: pragmatism from Emerson to Rorty, and Foucault and genealogy. The first project will be published as Pragmatism as Transitionalism (Columbia, 2009). During his residency at the Center he will be completing his book on genealogy.